It is not a phrase I often use, but it fits to say that I am one of those “spiritual but not religious” people. I generally consider it a likely cop-out, a way to seem serious about ultimate things without actually believing in much. But it also reflects authentic feelings among many of dismay about, and perhaps rejection of, what organized religion represents without having abandoned concerns about what genuine religious impulses refer to. I have no conventional religious interests, except occasionally admiring the communities of belief that sometimes gather around churches or segments of churches, but even so cannot avoid sometimes using language associated with religion. So, reverence for existence was the best way I found to describe my attitude toward the fact of being and holiness for the venerable texture and substance of aspects of being and piety as another word for reverence and deep respect. Spirit is a word I frequently have recourse to, not to mention soul. The latter refers to that part of oneself where the values and sense of self are centered, one’s essence, and spirit to the mysterious unity in which all being participates, more or less what others use to express their sense of God’s presence. I don’t know why this came to mind today. Maybe more will come and make it clearer.

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