A Life Considered

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Craig Brestrup, PhD, has worked in nonprofit mental health and animal protection organizations for more than forty years. His career includes the practice of psychotherapy, teaching, writing, and working as CEO of several organizations. He received a doctorate in Medical Humanities with a concentration in environmental ethics and the human relationship with nature and animals. He is now largely retired and living on the North Coast of California.


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People are Saying…

“Superlatives are so commonly used that they’ve lost their meaning, but if ever a book warranted unreserved praise, it’s A Life Considered by Dr. Craig Brestrup. Written in seamless prose, this book not only is a rare find, but it stands apart like a meteor racing across a pitch-black sky. In a series of riveting essays, Brestrup takes us through his formative years, wonders of the natural world, ingredients that constitute a well-calibrated moral compass, incisive analysis of what defines a benevolent nation, and how America lost its way. All of these essays stand alone as gems, but together they portray Brestrup’s unbroken quest for understanding, humility, and genuine community predicated on his egalitarian vision. In the truest sense, Brestrup is an explorer of life who doesn’t presume to be the bearer of sagacity, but rather an interminable explorer of himself, the biotic and abiotic factors that compose our ecosystems, and an ethical path that subordinates self-interest to the larger good. Although not prone to hyperbole, I can’t conceive of reading this book without deriving the richest of nourishment.”

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