My hotel in Visby is located within the area that makes it special—a well preserved medieval city with cobbled surfaces throughout and ancient buildings and hollowed out cathedrals, narrow winding streets and a remnant wall and watchtowers built to protect the old city. It’s quite something and I understand that during the tourist season it’s packed, but fortunately for me that season is behind us by a week or two. Gotland is a large island but I’m near its west-side ocean and have sat there a couple times today. Tomorrow, I go to the botanical garden and will spend several hours there. I’m increasingly aware that I will be going home soon. I can’t say I’m not ready for that since traveling is at times a lot of work and hassle, but the trip has been special to me and it will take time to integrate and make sense of it. Once home with a little time between there and trip, I can read this journal and see what, if any, conclusions I come to.


Photo by Oleh Holodyshyn on Unsplash

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