While the hotel isn’t my cup of tea, it is nicely located on a small inlet off the Baltic and surrounded by forest and small plowed agricultural plots. I found two very old and large trees that the hotel went to the trouble of providing information about on laminated sheets beneath each. One I recognized as black oak and I don’t know what the other is; the information is only in Swedish. It did motivate me to look it up and discover that oaks are both male and female but need to be pollinated by other trees. Also, they produce acorns in variable abundance from year to year, sometimes quite a lot and other times rather little.  Speaking of trees, I failed to mention about Visby something important—I discovered that in the botanical garden I liked so much there lives a Sequoia, which was planted in 1961 and is now about 50-60’ high.

Sweden Walks: Visby Botanical garden



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