13 October: I managed to get the rental car dropped off in Malmo yesterday by only the grace of God or more likely good luck in finding a person who was very generous with his time and efforts to see that I got where I needed to be. I thought I had the route mapped out pretty well between the last Swedish hotel and the car drop-off but it turned out that E-22 wasn’t as simple a road as it appeared on the map; at Malmo it took more than one route into or around town but without changing its number. So, I ended up south of town, desperately took myself into a very high-end auto dealership and was lucky to meet the owner (I’m sure it was the owner but nothing but observation confirmed it) who took time to give me directions based on memory and his device. As I got in my car to follow his directions, he drove up alongside in his expensive car with his wife and said, what the heck, they were going out to lunch and thought the city would be a good place for it and I should follow him and he’d lead me straight to where I needed to be. A fine, fine fellow and I’m sorry I don’t have a way to send additional words of gratitude.


Photo by Alex Ghiurau on Unsplash

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